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Safety of your children: Child and Baby Seats

Jumbo Car Costa Rica puts your disposal 4 categories and Child and Baby seats :

  • Carrycot or Maxicosy (Portabebé): 0-1 year old ; below 35 Lbs ; shorter than 2.5 Ft  
  • Baby seat (Silla) : 1-4 years’ old ; 20-40 Lbs ;  2.5-3.5 Ft  
  • Child seat ( Booster con respaldar): 4-6 years’ old ; below 40-55 Lbs ; 3.5-4.75 Ft  
  • Booster (Booster) : 6-12 years’ old ; below 55-80 Lbs ; 4.75-3.5 Ft   

In Costa Rica, anyone under 12 years’ old and shorter than 3.5 Ft must use a child seat or baby seat depending on its age, weight, and how tall he/she is. It it prohibited to have a kid seating on your lap while driving, under penatly of great fines and for the kid’s safety.

You can sign up to this option when making your car reservation and ask for a seat at agency counter.

  • Child Seat must be set up back to the road. It is best to install it on rear seats on the opposite site of the driver. If there are several passengers in the car, it is best to install the carrycot in the center of rear seats with one passenger seating on each side. 
  • Baby seat must be set up face to the road, on the rear seats, preferably behind the front passengers' seat.
  • Child seat with backrest must be installed on lateral rear seats.
  • Booster without backseat must be set up on rear seats.

For more information please visit, Ministerio de Obras Publicas y Transporte.