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Costa Rica reopens its Borders

From August 1st 2020, Costa Rica reopens its borders after over 4 months of closure for epidemic reasons. 

Entry Conditions to Costa Rica.

All industries have worked for 4 months to the creation and implementation of hygiene protocols with their employees, customers, and suppliers.

Tourism industry was particularly impacted and was able not only to rethink all its processes and activites, but also to experience new protocoles with local tourists. Protocols and ways of doing have all been defined and supervised by ICT and Ministry of Health in order to protect each Costa Rica visitor and each person working in tourist activities.  

Everybody is ready : Airlines companies, tour operators, guides, accommodations… and of course Car Rental companies who have implemented everything to welcome visitors in the best hygiene and safety conditions, while remaining professional and welcoming.

Who can travel to Costa Rica from 2020 August 1st  ?

Any person flying from Europe, the United Kingdom and Canada can travel to Costa Rica.
Here are the countries who still have commercial flights to Costa Rica :

DenmarkItalyPolandThe Netherlands
EstoniaLatviaPortugalUnited Kingdom
FranceLithuaniaSlovenia*Updated le 2020/07/29

The Costa Rica government retains the right to modify that list of countries depending on the epidemic situation.

For now :

  • People arriving from the USA or South America are not allowed to enter Costa Rica. Connections via the USA or Panama are shut down.
  • Land borders and sea borders are closed.
  • Repatriation flights to and from any country are possible
  • Private flights from the countries listed above are permitted

Flights : 


Conditions to enter Costa Rica since August 1st 2020 ?

Conditions vary whether you are a costa rican citizen, costa rican resident, or a tourist.

Tourists : to enter the country the following documents are required :

  • A travel insurance that covers medical fees up to minimum USD 50.000 + isolation accommodation fees up to minimum USD 2.000.
    This insurance must specifically cover COVID-19 related health cares and can be provided by a Costa Rican Insurance company or from the person’s country of residency (according to  08-5-20 du decret modification N42513-MGP-S from 07-31-20).
  • A negative COVID-19 test that was carried out 72 hours maximum prior departure. Language must be English or Spanish.
  • A completed “Pase de Salud” form (please visit
  • A valid passport and visa (if needed).

Costa Rican Citizens and residents : present a completed “Pase de Salud” document.

Purchase a Travel insurance for Costa Rica ?

The main insurance company in Costa Rica is INS (Instituto Nacional de Seguros).
They offer specific COVID-19 insurances to meet Costa Rica customs’ requirements.

Price varies upon several criterias such as : person’s age, trip duration, coverage…
For instance : a COVID-19 insurance for a 30 years’ old person for 2 weeks costs around USD 280.

An insurance identification number is required to fill in the “Pase de Salud” form. 

Give your Covid-19 Negative Test ?

Travelers will need a PDF or paper version of the test to enter Costa Rica.

‘Pase de Salud’ form

First question is “Do you live in Costa Rica ?”.
After you have completed the form a message will display :

For Tourists : a green check logo will appear with an alphanumeric code to give custom agents upon arrival.

For Costa Rican Citizens and Residents : 
There are 3 possible outcomes : 

  • Green check mark : no COVID-19 symptoms
  • Yellow check mark : the person might have been exposed to COVID-19
  • Red check mark : risk of COVID-19 contamination. Mandatory tests will be conducted and the person has to remain isolated for a certain period of time upon arrival in Costa Rica

The “Pasa de Salud” form can be filled in per traveler or per family. Information provided is safely stored by Costa Rica authorities. 

COVID-19 Test

  • Test is mandatory for +12 years old travelers 
  • The test must be carried out 72 hours before flight take off.
  • The test must be conducted in a laboratory recognized by the country’s authorities in which it was carried out.
  • PCR-RT for COVID19 is the only test accepted by Costa Rican customs. No other test will be accepted.
  • Test results must be in Spanish or English.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance must be purchased prior filling in “Pasa de Salud” form. 
It must clearly specify it covers COVID19 healthcare fees in Costa Rica.

You can purchase the insurance on INS website or from any other insurance company in your country of residency as long as it covers you in Costa Rica. Another insurance company based in Costa Rica and accepted by customs is “SAGICOR”.

Travel insurance price varies depending on : person’s age, trip duration, amount of travelers…
Expect about USD 280 for a 30 years’old person on a 2 week trip in Costa Rica.

For more information please contact the Embassy of Costa Rica in the country where you live, you travel operator, or visit Costa Rica Government’s website.
Or you can simply email us at and we’ll be glad to help you out :-)