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What are the conditions to come and stay in Costa Rica ?

We hereby inform you of the new vehicle restrictions as of 2021, March 1st, which are less restrictive than February.

It is a summary, to help you enjoy your stay, we advise you to check the official media if you need more information.

1- No more license plate restrictions on the weekend: Starting next Monday, March 1, the health vehicle restriction of even and odd plates will be eliminated during the weekends.
2- Prohibition of circulating or having an establishment open, every day, from 11pm (instead of 10pm) from Monday to Sunday. Circulation, restaurants, and shops can be open from 5am to 11pm.
3- Downtown San José: license plate restrictions DO NOT apply to rental cars.

Moreover, here are some new measures you should be aware of :

  • There are no changes for March in the opening hours of the beaches (they will continue from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m.).
  • The restriction on entry through land borders is extended for one month. Only nationals or foreigners who have an authorized legal stay may enter.
  • In addition, the government of Spain announced that it extended the negative PCR test requirement for Latin American countries until mid-March, however, it excluded Costa Rica from the list.

What are the entry conditions to Costa Rica for tourists?

For tourists, the PCR test is no longer mandatory, not even requested.

Instead, you must undergo what administrative procedures:

  • Fill in the Health Pass form available at The form must be filled out 48 hours before departure. 
  • Have travel insurance that covers medical expenses for a minimum of 50,000 USD This insurance must specifically cover care related to COVID-19 and can be issued by an insurer from Costa Rica or the country of origin.
  • Have accommodation insurance that covers hotel isolation costs for a minimum of USD 2,000. It is possible to avoid this insurance if you are staying with a friend or a family member. The person will answer for you and make you a certificate of accommodation in case of need for isolation if you are infected with COVID.
  • Both insurance certificates must be in Spanish or English and must be downloaded when completing the Health Pass form.

In all cases, the Costa Rican Tourism Institute has opened a service to answer tourists' questions and help them validate administrative procedures. You can contact them by email at