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Opening of the Costa Rica Borders with the United States from November 1st, 2020.

Opening of the Borders with the United States from November 1st, 2020.

After a gradual opening, first with Europe and Canada on 08-01-20, then with some states of the United States from 1-09-20, The Minister of Tourism of Costa Rica announced this day, the 10-02-20, the total opening of the borders with all the states of the United States from the 11-01-20.

This opening will reactivate the tourism sector in Costa Rica, which has been hit hard throughout the COVID crisis. This opening coincides with the start of the High Tourist Season, when Costa Rica knows these good and pleasant summer months while the United States, Canada and Europe are under the cold of winter.

This announcement was made with 1 month of anticipation in order to allow airlines to prepare their program and tourism professionals to be ready to welcome American and European tourists by strictly following the protocols of health and safety!

The same restrictions will be applied to Americans as for Europeans and for any foreign person entering Costa Rica:

  • Complete the online form “Pase de Salud”
  • Have a negative PCR test with a maximum take within 72H before departure
  • Have insurance specifying COVID coverage + shelter coverage for at least 15 days (both COVID quarantine)

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Costa Rica opens its borders to 44 countries from 11-01-20!

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Thanksgiving or Christmas in Costa Rica!

What a joy to be able to get out of your daily routine and come celebrate Thanksgiving or the end of the year holidays in Costa Rica. Come discover by road trip, the beaches of the Pacific and the Caribbean and/or the exuberant nature between rivers, waterfalls and forests, the slopes of volcanoes and the biodiversity of the fauna and flora of Costa Rica! Come and enjoy a breath of fresh air and a touch of PURA VIDA!
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