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Prepare your trip to Costa Rica


when to go to costa rica

The high tourist season in Costa Rica extends from the end of November to the end of April, that is to say during the dry season. This is good because it corresponds to the cold seasons of the northern ...


which visa do you need to live and work in costa rica?

Through this article, a bit formal (admittedly), we will help you understand the visa system available to live and work in Costa Rica. In your expatriation process, we also advise you to read the article "Living in Costa Rica" to organize your migration.


how much is a car rental in costa rica?

Costa Rica is the most popular tourist destination in the world mainly for its amazing national parks where visitors can enjoy several exciting adventure activities. Apart from its reputation as a picture ...


budget trip costa rica

Costa Rica is a very attractive destination for tourists. However, vacations in Costa Rica can quickly get expensive. In fact, there are entry fees for every national parks, and renting a car for 2 weeks ...


the best time to visit costa rica

If you are visiting Costa Rica, you may want to consider the weather. Costa Rica is located in Central America, in the intertropical zone and enjoys a tropical climate divided into two seasons: the ...


car insurance in costa rica

Every country has its own laws in terms of vehicle insurance which can vary from region to region. In Costa Rica, car rental insurance is compulsory that is governed by a state-owned body, INS (Instituto ...