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Things to do in Cahuita Costa Rica

Cahuita is one of the 29 best things to do in Costa Rica, it is a small picturesque village with bright colors that attracts attention by its tranquility, its Pura Vida way of life and its proximity to the national park of the same name. An Afro-Caribbean atmosphere reigns here and strolling through its streets to the sound of Calypso will give a special charm to this wonderful destination in Costa Rica. Very close to Tortuguero and Puerto Viejo you will have an unforgettable experience during your trip to this small town. Your trip to Costa Rica has to include a tour to Cahuita.  Take a one day excursion to the National Park, enjoy the wildlife, the culture, the beaches, go hiking, travel around, enjoy great tours, discover this beautiful area... there are plenty of great activities and tours to experience in this beautiful small town. Here are the best activities to do in Cahuita town or Cahuita National Park in Costa Rica.

Let's examine the Great Activities in Cahuita in Costa Rica.

Located on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, Cahuita is a small picturesque village that offers a myriad of activities to do alone, as a couple or with the family: visit the Cahuita-Puerto Vargas National Park, enjoy the white sandy beach in Costa Rica, the shore, go hiking, go snorkeling, discover the local culture, taste the Caribbean food in Cahuita in Costa Rica, go horseback riding and many other incredible activities for children or adults for a reasonable price. Cahuita in Costa Rica is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the Pura Vida lifestyle and culture.

Cahuita National Park in Costa Rica 

Cahuita National Park in Costa Rica

Cahuita National Park in Costa Rica is the main natural park to visit in the area. Cahuita National Park in Costa Rica was created in 1970 to protect the coral reefs of the Caribbean Sea. It is an incredible place to enjoy nature and wildlife during a one day tour. You have expanses of lush flora, beautiful beaches and incredible wildlife. The Park has 23,290 hectares of marine coverage and 1,102 hectares of land. In this territory, there is a set of ecological systems such as coral reefs, close to the shore.
One of the things to do in this park is to get lost in the countless trails that run through its dense rainforest. On your walk, you will encounter white-faced monkeys, sloths, toucans and many other amazing animals and insects.This is one of the best places in lazy Costa Rica to see wildlife. You can also see raccoons, iguanas, howler monkeys, capuchin monkeys, the yellow-eyed viper snake and a variety of birds, crabs and snails. Cahuita National Park in Costa Rica is a must-see if you enjoy wildlife viewing. An 8.5 kilometer trail runs along the entire coastline between sandy paths, the beach dotted with wooden tables for picnicking.
The last section of the park, the Sendero Los Cativos, is a trail that goes from the beach to the exit of the park along a 2.1 kilometer long wooden platform that crosses the entire mangrove area of Cahuita to Puerto Vargas.
Opening hours: the park is open from 7am to 5pm for the Playa Blanca sector and from 8am to 4pm for the Puerto Vargas sector. There are two entrances.

Discover the Culture  in Cahuita in Costa Rica.

Culture  in Cahuita in Costa Rica

The culture of the Limon area is Afro-Caribbean. The dominant music is reggae, the population is black and rasta, they worship Bob Marley and they live very quietly. Just by walking around the streets, you will feel the coolness of the local culture. It is already an adventure itself!

Get Something to Eat  in Cahuita in Costa Rica.

Get Something to Eat  in Cahuita in Costa Rica

Although small in size, Costa Rica has distinct differences in its culture from destination to destination. On the country's east coast, for example, Afro-Caribbean traditions blend with Latin American heritage to create a unique island atmosphere.
The small beach town of Cahuita in Costa Rica  is the perfect place to experience this relaxed atmosphere.
Enjoy a typical dish of the region in Cahuita town in Costa Rica. You'll be licking your lips with a "rondon" (fish with Caribbean sauce), rice and beans (black beans and rice marinated in coconut water) or pati (spicy turnover). Don't miss the lobster with garlic or butter and the tropical fruit juices.  The best of the best of the best!

Visit the Reggae Bar  in Cahuita in Costa Rica.

The nightlife in Cahuita in Costa Rica (as in Puerto Viejo) is very lively, but at the same time very relaxed. By that we mean that it's home to some of the best parties in Costa Rica, but it's also an incredibly relaxed place. No one cares what you're wearing, there's no time limit, no rushes and everyone is very friendly!

Go on a Chocolate Tour  in Cahuita in Costa Rica.

Cocoa, which is used to make chocolate, grows very well on the Caribbean coast and is an important crop for the people of the region in Cahuita.
A chocolate tour will take you through the steps of transforming raw cacao beans into a delicious chocolate bar. You will no longer feel as an adult but rather as a child again!
You will see families of plants and trees typical of the local biodiversity. A large selection of animal species are naturally attracted to the carefully designed gardens.This organic chocolate and sugar farm tour takes you on a culinary and cultural journey with an expert guide. You'll visit local farms in Cahuita, while sampling Caribbean fruit and chocolate and learning the whole process of chocolate.

Going to the beach  in Cahuita in Costa Rica.

Going to the beach  in Cahuita in Costa Rica

Two of the most beautiful beaches in Cahuita, Costa Rica are located inside the Cahuita National Park. 
The first beach inside Cahuita National Park is Playa Blanca. It is, as its name suggests, a beautiful white sand beach. You can find it at the Kelly Creek entrance to Cahuita National Park and this part of the beach is the most visited.
 The second beach inside Cahuita National Park is Puerto Vargas Beach. You can enter this beach by walking through the park from Kelly Creek or you can enter through the Puerto Vargas entrance which will cost you $5.
Finally, you have playa negra beach in Cahuita, Costa Rica. It is an incredible beach of dark volcanic sand with jagged volcanic rock outcroppings at low tide. We bet you'll enjoy the winding road leading to the beach had trees filled with playful monkeys. As well as the spectacular sunsets on Playa Negra beach.
Cahuita beach is one of the least developed towns in the country and is the ideal place to relax and swim. The marine area covers over 22,300 hectares and has beautiful coral reefs. You might see a sloth or a monkey or you may see turtles, manta rays, eels and sea cucumbers. So take your tuba and mask and enjoy the white sanded beautiful, beautiful beach and its blue water.

Horseback Riding  in Cahuita in Costa Rica.

Take a horseback tour and enjoy the charm of the surroundings of Cahuita in Costa Rica: a bewitching cocktail to enjoy the walks on the beaches of Playa Grande or Playa Negra along the Caribbean waves. It is also possible to venture into the hills around this village with its bright colors, and encounters with monkeys and sloths.

Snorkeling  in Cahuita in Costa Rica.

Snorkeling  in Cahuita in Costa Rica

The fantastic place on the east coast (Caribbean) is the coral reef of Cahuita National Park, a short distance from Puerto Limon. Here you will find a protected coral reef with more than 100 different types of fish and 30 types of corals.

Is Cahuita Costa Rica safe ?

Yes, Cahuita in Costa Rica is safe! It's a nice little village. Of course, we don't need to remind you of the basic security measures: don't walk alone at night (especially women), and always keep an eye on your belongings. Like anywhere else, do not leave valuables unattended.

How to get to Cahuita in Costa Rica ? 

How to get to Cahuita in Costa Rica

Take your Car Rental from San Jose, by route 32, then the road from Limon to Cahuita in Costa Rica. The road runs along the Caribbean Sea. There are two entrances to the national park. First, in the center of the village of Cahuita and south of Cahuita in the Puerto Vargas entrance. By bus,  you can take the Caribeños bus from San Jose for a 4 hour ride to Cahuita town in Costa Rica.