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Rent a Cooler with Jumbo Car

Why hire a Cooler?

Renting a cooler in Costa Rica is always a good idea for several reasons:

- If you are on a road trip and change accommodation regularly, you can store your food in the cooler
- It’s hot in Costa Rica, a bottle of fresh water is much appreciated on the return of a good hike
- If you go to the market for local produce, you can put it all in the cooler.
- Local juice in the evening at sunset on the beach is good. A fresh juice is even better!

How do I rent a cooler in Costa Rica?

The best is to rent the cooler at the same time as renting your car in Costa Rica. It is one of the options you can add after selecting your vehicle. If you’ve already booked your car without taking a cooler, that’s okay. You can always ask for it when you arrive on the JumboCar Agency or contact us to put one aside for you.

The option of the cooler to rent is 5USD extra per day.