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Protections and Insurances

Drive safe with Jumbo Car in Costa Rica.


liability insurance extension (slia)

Non compulsory Complementary Civil Liability Protection coverage. Accident coverage :   Damages to third parties persons : $ 5.000.000 USD Damages to third parties materials : $ ...


loss damage waiver (ldw)

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) protection. Gathers Collission Damage Waive (CWD) + Theft Damage Waiver(TDW). This protection is included in prices displayed on our website. Please pay careful ...


partial loss damage waiver (pldw)

Partial Loss Damage Waiver is a complementary protection to Lost Damage Waiver protection. Premium Loss Damage Waiver protection brings down franchise amount in case of a calamity. Rental Car franchise ...


young driver protection

Minimum age for renting a vehicle at Jumbo Car Costa Rica is 25 years old and at least 3 years of driving experience. However if you are younger you may still be able to rent a car. If you’re ...


senior driver protection

Maximum age for renting a car from Jumbo Car Costa Rica is 75 years old. +75 years’ old drivers can also rent a vehicle but they must sign up for a complementary Senior Drivers’ ...


booking modification insurance

Prepaid reservations carried out on our website are non-modifiable and non-cancellable.  However, if you sign up for our Booking Modification insurance you may modify  your booking free ...


reservation cancellation insurance

Prepaid reservation carried out on our website are non-modificable and non-refundable.  However, if you subscribe to our Reservation Cancellation Protection option, you may cancel your booking ...


window and tire breakage protection

Window and Tire Breakage Protection covers tire punctures and damages to windows and windshield. Franchise is brought down to $0.00 in case of damages or accident. Excludes rims and Road Assistance. ...