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Jumbocar obtains the Safe Travels Stamp

What is the Safe Travels Stamp?


Safe Travels Stamps is a label awarded by the WTTC (World Travel and Tourism Council). This tag must be earned! It is only given to a country if it meets global hygiene and health standards related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The idea is to restore the confidence of international tourists and encourage them to travel.

In July 2020, Costa Rica obtained this label. Therefore, the government can grant certification to tourism companies in your country, if they comply with international hygiene standards. The sectors affected are hotels, airports, car rentals and many others, all related to tourism. This label is recognized around the world and therefore a guarantee of safety and reliability.

The procedure is quite long and restrictive, proof of the seriousness of the approach. So it's really worth it!

In the first place, between March and June 2020, the Ministry of Tourism commissioned the ICT (Costa Rican Tourism Institute) to work with the business sectors in the drafting of the “COVID Free” protocols. Then they sent the protocol to enforce. It was between July and August 2020 that it was applied to local tourism.

In September 2020, the decision was made to do a self-assessment of more than 90 gestures. To get the label, you need to get a score of 80%, then sign a declaration of honor, and finally have an ICT audit. Now Costa Rica has this beautiful label and you can travel with peace of mind and visit the country's must-see places. Isn't that great news?

Jumbo Car Costa Rica received authorization

We are proud to be one of the companies in Costa Rica to have obtained the Safe Travels certification. How? 'Or what? It's very simple.

Your health and safety are our priority. These are some of the 90 actions that have been implemented in our Jumbocar agency at the San José Airport:

  • Supply of hydroalcoholic gel for our employees, our suppliers and our clients
  • Temperature measurement at each entrance to our agency of our employees, suppliers and clients
  • Take the names and contact details of each person who enters the agency to contact potential contact cases if a case is revealed.
  • The use of a mask is mandatory in the agency and in transportation.
  • Visualization of the maximum number of people in the agency at 50% of its capacity
  • Respect for family groups, do not mix either on the shuttle or at the agency
  • All cars are disinfected with certified products. Then a sticker is pasted on the door to inform the customer that the car is completely disinfected.
  • Special trash can available to throw away your masks and gloves. The goal is to protect cleaning workers and municipal workers.
  • All accessories (keys, baby seats, GPS, Wi-Fi, etc.) are disinfected after each use.
  • The agency is disinfected after each flight.
  • Workstations are disinfected at each workstation change. This is particularly the case for sensitive points like keyboards, EPTs, and pens.

Here you know everything. Therefore, you can spend a relaxing vacation in Costa Rica and above all, you know where to go to rent a car.